Gallery Night

March 29th. 12 to 9pm

Member of  FWADA


Spring and fall gallery night is an open house event featuring many of Fort Worth’s galleries, both big and small. Special showings, meet the artists, demonstrations, live music, refreshments are all part of this day and evening.

This months show at The Firehouse, with its opening reception, Gallery Night is a collaboration between Firehouse resident clay artists, Garret Pendergrass and Keith Thomson.

Artists statement

The challenge of 'Collaborative Clay' began with each of us creating an unfinished form.! Once we reflected on the exchanged segment, we added our own concepts for the vessel's next phase, which would naturally create a new set of dilemmas for the next leg in the collaboration. The pieces were each exchanged several times until we agreed that they were complete.

This series of vessels allowed us to challenge our own assumptions, confront our comfort zones of working in clay, and to add some playful banter between each other as the pieces morphed.!

Artist Reception - ‘Collaborative Clay’