Debora Young

June 2nd thru July 9th 2011


Artist Statement for the garage sale series:

Paintings in and around Fort Worth and locally in Meadowbrook.

Garage sales show the intimacy of households without being indecent. A paradox of confessions and indifference are relayed through the items for sale and how they are arranged. People price and layout their belongings through intuition and necessity. Buyers are invited to shop for bargains at the home address of the seller. Outside the house unrestrained from the obligations of a guest, people come and go at their leisure free of cash registers and taxes.

Because of the personal intimacy that garage sales represent to me, I always paint on the small 8x10 format. Something that can be held in your hand and carried away.

The show also includes other oil and canvas works by Debora:-

“I also enjoy painting the form, texture and color of fruits and vegetables at the time of ripeness from the grocery store or my garden.

Then, there are the unexpected moments that quicken my heart; snow falling across a red brick building, the discovery of a nest in my mailbox or three men standing in water, involved in conversation on a spring evening.’