Taking It Back To The Pre School

June 2nd thru June 23rd


As a young child, Wails Worety, was fascinated with the magic on crayons. The wonderful variety of colors they came in, the sizes, the shapes, even the wax itself amazed him. One day he found a crayon on the sidewalk on his way home from pre-school. This crayon seemed interesting and special. It glowed and had a color to it he had never seen before. After days of staring at it, he decided to draw a door on his bedroom wall with this strange instrument, and the very second he finished the door knob, the door flew open and sucked him in.

This was a strange place he thought, everything seemed to be draw in crayon. Everything was the same as it was back in his world, but in crayon. As he began to explore he had a strange feeling that something wasn't right, but he continued. Walking around his strange "new neighborhood" he began to notice people didn't quiet look the same, some had big ears, multiple eyes, sharp teeth, tusks even. He grew scared, and headed back to the magical door when someone realized he didn't belong. This wasn't his world and they'd have nothing to do with this so they started to chase him. Sprinting as fast he could back to the door, but right as he got there he tripped over his untied shoes and fell through it. Scrambling to get up, he quickly rubbed the handle away and it was sealed again.

He then took all his beloved crayons and threw them in the trash. He was terrified of what he had seen and what they could do. Broke them all in Hal and put them in the trash, all except one, the magic one. This one he hid in a shoe box he kept all his favorite things in and left it in his closet. 15 years go by without him even thinking about that day, he opens the box again. Reminiscent of he childhood he gets out his toys and little drawings to find one little glowing crayon. Now an artist he is curious as to what it is. Same person as he was at 4 years old he draws a door, and decides to "Take It Back To The Pre-School..."

Wails exhibited at the gallery for a short time as a high school senior at Arlington Heights HS, after completing the FWISD YAAP (youth artist apprenticeship program) at The Firehouse. We are glad to have Wails back at The Firehouse for his first solo art show.