Resident Ceramic Artist/ Potter/ Instructor

at The Firehouse

My ideas come form childhood memories.  My friends and I would go down to the river by my house to throw rocks  against other rocks to see if we were strong enough to break them apart.  Surprisingly, they were pretty easy to crack open and sometimes what we deemed “valuable crystals” became exposed upon impact.  If it shined, I collected my treasures and secretly stored them in my mother’s garage waiting for my fortune to build up.  Little did I know I amounted more of a mess in my mom’s garage than riches.  This energy and excitement I had when I was growing up gives me the desire to manifest that energy from childhood experiences and transform it into works in clay. 

Over the years I have continued to discover “treasures” through visual research.  In the early 20th century, a formation of ideas stirred together to create Expressionist Architecture.  Although only a few of their designs were constructed, they left behind innumerable drawings, writings, and models that communicate their aesthetic criteria which guides my creative process. 

In my own work, distortion helps express the energy I had as a child.  Expressionist Architects distort an entire building instead of just the building’s accents like railings and balconies.  Like blueprints, I plan each form with preliminary drawings but try to keep a sense of spontaneity, allowing the form to grow and take its own shape during the building process.  Fond memories and architectural influences fuel my desire to construct my vessels.





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