Wes White



Wes started his clay journey during his childhood when he helped his mom, who worked with cast ceramics, cleaning and painting greenware. During his high school years, his interest in art continued with an interest in drawing and painting.After retiring from an engineering career in the airline industry,Wes returned to his past time passion of ceramics and in the early 1990s, started taking pottery classes at TCC Northeast Campus in Fort Worth.As well as enjoying working with clay,Wes helped as a lab assistant. Wes continues to make clay pieces when he can at home or at TCC. Refining his skills and hoping to continue his love with clay,Wes has never really gone to the next level of actually showing and selling his work.The Firehouse is excited to have made a connection with Wes and is happy to be helping him with his first gallery showing of his ceramics.

Bedford, TX